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Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams & So Much More

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The Galper Eye Center is an independent developmental optometry practice offering comprehensive eye examinations for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Dr. Galper offers an expanded assessment of eye teaming (binocular vision), eye movement control (oculomotor function) and eye focusing abilities (accommodation), along with an evaluation of developmental skills in visual information processing skills/visual perceptual-motor system.

Dr. Galper provides vision therapy programs to resolve many binocular problems relating to attention, learning and activities in daily living. All types of contact lenses are fit by Dr. Diane Galper. A Wide variety of unique eyeglass frame styles are available for your lenses made from our prescription, or one you have from another eye care professional. Advanced diagnostic equipment has been brought to the practice allowing for earlier detection and diagnosis of many ocular diseases.

We offer many services using the latest in computer assisted technology including: Eye Examinations, Contact Lenses, Eyeglass Frames and Lenses, Vision Therapy and ChromaGen lens technology.

Our Eye Care Services: